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You’ll never get lost in this digital planner. Each day in the weekly overview also links to its corresponding daily note, saving you valuable time navigating from section to section.

Features & Contents :

– Fully hyperlinked for easy navigation
– 2022 and 2023 Full Year Planners
– Sunday or Monday start options
– Each weekly layout also linked to weekly review and weekly meal planner for that particular week
– 2 Daily page layouts options
– All-in-One Monthly Index to access all your monthly pages, trackers at a glance

– All-in-One Monthly Index
– All-in-One Weekly Index

– All-in-One Weekly Index to access all your weekly pages, trackers at a glance
– 12 Custom Sections
– 8 Projects Sections
– 8 Goals Sections
– Recipe section hyperlinked to 40 recipes
– 8 notepaper templates that you can copy and paste endlessly according to your needs
– 6 main categories (finance, wellness, nutrition, fitness, productivity, lifestyle)

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– Index / Homepage
– Yearly Calendar
– Yearly Reflections
– New Year Resolutions
– Yearly Goals
– Yearly Overview
– Key Dates

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Free Digital Planner Daily
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Free Digital Planner Yearly 1
Free Digital Planner Index
Free Digital Planner Trackers
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